Setup Time : 1- 6hours

Fast connectivity

with 1Gbps VPS!! Introducing self-healing USA Cloud VPS with 1Gbps Network line. These Cloud VPSs are built on high-level SuperMicro servers with enough resource allocation and Latest Virtualization technology for high performance.

New Cloud Linux VPS are smart choice for small to medium workloads as they are provided with SAS Disk space for Optimum Performance. Free Firewall, Redundant Environment, New Cloud infrastructure leads to boost your Business Performance.

Location : USA (Washington DC) | Test IP:

State-of-the-Art Datacenter

Now Get Guaranteed Performance & 100% Availability.


Hybrid Technology

Built on SAS Based Servers for Optimum Business Growth.

SAS Based Server

DDOS Protection

Protects Network against DDOS Attacks and Other Network Attacks.


FREE Transfer

Get FREE Expert Assistance to move your domain anytime.

Domain Transfer

Best USA Cloud VPS Solutions

Strengthen Business Infrastructure with USA Cloud VPS Plans


€ 12.99 /Mo.

CPU: 1vCore

vRAM: 1024 MB

SSD: 20 GB

vSwap: 1024 MB

Port: 1 Gbps

IPv4: 1

Bandwidth: 4 TB

Location: USA


€ 21.99 /Mo.

CPU: 2vCore

vRAM: 2048 MB

SSD: 60 GB

vSwap: 2048 MB

Port: 1 Gbps

IPv4: 1

Bandwidth: 6 TB

Location: USA


€ 42.99 /Mo.

CPU: 3vCore

vRAM: 4096 MB

SSD: 80 GB

vSwap: 4096 MB

Port: 1 Gbps

IPv4: 1

Bandwidth: 8 TB

Location: USA


€ 75.99 /Mo.

CPU: 4vCore

vRAM: 8192 MB

SSD: 160 GB

vSwap: 8192 MB

Port: 1 Gbps

IPv4: 1

Bandwidth: 10 TB

Location: USA


$ 105.99 /Mo.

CPU: 6vCore

vRAM: 16 GB

SSD: 160 GB

vSwap: 16 GB

Port: 1 Gbps

IPv4: 1

Bandwidth: 10 TB

Location: USA

Cloud VPS Features

Get the Optimum Cloud VPS Hosting service from The best qualified hosting services with Top-of-The-Line features. The ultimate solution to all the Bottlenecks of Online Business.

SAS Disk space

Now Beat the Competition with 20X faster SAS Space comes free with Cloud VPS hosting packages.

DDOS Protection

Protect the Network Access from malware. Free DDOS Protection is provided with all Cloud VPS Packages.

100% Uptime

No more Downtime! As its Based on Cloud Computing technology, Access Files anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Hosting Support

Highly experienced Web hosting Support is available 24/7 for Quick and effective Solutions.

Premium Network Line

1Gbps Network speed leverages Best Performance and boosts Online Presence.

TIER III Datacenters

Now select Suitable datacenter for your websites, Applications, and online stores.