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Install cPanel on VPS/Dedicated Server

How to Install cPanel?

Today we will learn how to install cpanel/WHM panel on the linux VPS or Dedicated Server

1) Login in SSH of VPS/Dedicated Server using Putty software with default port 22.

2) Always update operating system modules before installing the cpanel . By using YUM UPDATE Command 

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#yum -y update

-reboot the VPS/Dedicated server after updating.

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3) Now after VPS/Dedicated server is back online. Lets start with core steps for cpanel/WHM panel installation.

Again login the in the ssh root access through putty software.


cPanel/WHM Panel is always installed in the Home Directory.

To install cPanel & WHM, run these commands:

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#cd /home

1) Opens the /home directory.

Code :                                                                                                      Selest All
#wget -N

2) Fetches the latest installation files from cPanel's servers.

Code :                                                                                                       Select All
#sh latest

3) Opens and executes the installation files. 

Normally installation of cPanel/WHM panel takes 60-90Minutes. Make sure your Internet is constant while installation is underprocess. Disconnection of Internet will lead to re-installation of Operating system and cpanel. 

Recommended Operating Systems:
CentOS 5,6 32Bit ( For less then 1-4GB RAM )
CentOS 5,6 64Bit ( For 1-64GB RAM )

We Hope this tutorial will be helpful for all newbie webmasters.

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